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hands on the back of a client doing a relaxing therapeutic massage


Peter Rogers
Licensed Massage Therapist
Saranac Lake, NY

Release, Relax, Unwind

Located just outside Saranac Lake in beautiful Lake Clear, NY, Clearly Bliss Massage & Spa offers professional massage therapy services with expertly trained and licensed massage therapist, Peter Rogers

Whether you are in need of a therapeutic massage to relieve pain from a past injury, looking to solve chronic headaches, or simply looking to relax after a stressful week, Peter's personalized approach and caring demeanor will help you achieve a new level of bliss. 


Our massage therapy services in Saranac Lake include therapeutic massage, cupping therapy, Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, reflexology, and sports massage. Home visits for massage therapy services are also available for those who have difficulty traveling or are looking for a more familiar environment. 

As a veteran-owned business, we are proud to offer $10 off any massage therapy services for active duty and veterans of our military with proper identification.





Clearly Bliss Studio Space

Recent renovations have created a beautifully fresh and tranquil studio to enhance the peaceful experience for clients. Our 16' x 12' treatment room is located on NY Route 186 just 8 minutes from Adirondack Health in Saranac Lake and 20 minutes from Tupper Lake in the hamlet of Lake Clear, NY.


A planned expansion will include a seasonal outdoor relaxation parlor with a fireplace hearth and hot tub. Anticipated completion will hopefully be sometime within 2022.

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Peter Rogers, Licensed Massage Therapist in Saranac Lake, NY

An active life or busy routine can take its toll on our bodies. We might find that our daily tasks manifest into stress that creates tight shoulders, stiff necks, or pounding headaches.

We find ourselves running the daily gauntlet of errands and tasks as parents, partners, or friends not fully noticing the wear and tear of the groceries bagged and loaded day after day, or the abuse the garden or lawn maintenance adds through the summer, the slip on the ice and a fall while shoveling for our family during the winter.


Maybe you're an active athlete, runner, or Adirondack hiker and you love those lifestyle choices, but ache because you put your body through so much to keep doing what you love.

Sometimes we need just an hour or two to destress and escape our routines. A place for selfcare, relaxation, and where we can heal our bodies and mend our minds while being supported by someone who will actually listen and treat our injuries, aches, and pains therapeutically without passing along a prescription to mask the problem and hope it goes away on its own. Maybe you just really want a peaceful nurturing environment to laugh and converse the day away with your friends. Clearly Bliss Massage is here to be that escape, no matter the reason or occasion.

"We all need to make more time for selfcare, self realization, and self actualization."

Peter Rogers
Licensed Massage Therapist
Saranac Lake, NY



Clearly Bliss Massage & Spa

Peter Rogers - Licensed Massage Therapist

46 NY-186

Saranac Lake, NY 12983

(518) 323-6655

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